Thomas S. Lynch

Tom died on Sunday morning July 13th 2014.  Appropriately, because he loved and respected God.  So many times with today’s world politics, natural disasters, and evil around us, Tom would keep it simple as he always did, with “God’s mad, better start paying attention”.

Tom and Faith gave me my start in real estate by allowing me to join them at Lynch Properties.  We always made a great team.  We listed and sold many properties together and had a lot of enjoyment along the way.  Tom was mostly large tracts of land, Faith and I were commercial.  We always continued to have a special chemistry together even as I ventured more into housing, as he did later with me at Wicker Properties.  It always seemed to turn out good for everyone.

Tom worked up to the last days, because he loved what he did, no matter what it was.  We enjoyed every minute of him.

Tom truly cared for everyone he called his friend and enjoyed everyone he ever met.  He was always ready to go and do with comments like “let me know what I can do to help”!


Thomas S. Lynch cont.

Tom understood the world better than most.  We had somewhat of a visionary through Tom.  We all jokingly with him would say “We agree with you Tom, but you are probably about 2 years out”.

Sometimes when you were down and out, and complained a little, Tom would have a light hearted answer for you, “sometimes you are the windshield, and sometimes you are the bug”.

You didn’t have to wonder about right or wrong with Tom, there was not a lot of room in between.

Tom is in a much better place now, along with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. John “Jack” Lynch, and many friends, such as the most recently Jimmy Hayes, who he grew up with and affectionately called “Pooh-Pa” and Elliot Parker.  May they continue to be together.  We will miss you deeply for the moment.

Your friend always, James Wicker